About Us

Chelsea Reviews believes in the power of diligence. Our purpose is to make it easy for customers to find comprehensive information about medicines and online pharmacies who sell them. We do so by maintaining a review community that allows you to access unbiased reviews performed on the basis of careful medical research and customer experience. We take it seriously and sometimes personally to find dishonest online pharmacies who engage in fraudulent activities or try to fake their reputation just to convince you to buy their medications. Our highly successful research strategy enables us to advise against fake pharmacies to avoid and recommend trusted and affordable vendors approved and confirmed by previous customers.

Our team took on a mission to find a source for affordable, yet high-quality generic medications his family could afford without compromising on the quality. Surprisingly, the world of online shopping for medications contains a lot of hidden dangers that any unaware buyer can run into. From fake pharmacies and counterfeited drugs to financial and personal information being stolen at the checkouts, an unprepared customer get easily compromise his health and finances.

We value the quality of research greatly, and our dedicated medical research team works diligently to identify and mitigate online pharmacies with unlawful practices and counterfeited medications. As a result, you will have a clear understanding of what to expect from a vendor/product of your choice.

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