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The Canadian Health and Care Mall has been in existence since the year 2001. From what we could gather on one of the “About Pages” on one of their sites, the pharmacy network has its origin in Ontario Canada. The pharmacy network has different sites that use basically the same template. These sites may not look 100% exactly the same but they sell the same meds, they have the same design, and they also have the same prices. The drugstore network focuses largely on distributing generic medications. According to them, this makes the meds cheaper. One of the sites in the Canadian Health and Care Mall med store network has the design indicated below on its homepage:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Main Page
Canadian Health and Care Mall Main Page

From the look of all the sites that we have found on the web which belong to this network, we can depict that the stores are largely focused on getting more people to purchase their erectile dysfunction meds. These are the meds they have featured in the best seller section. Also, as you can see in the above Homepage, a huge banner advertising these meds is available. These are not the meds available. You will also find other meds for treating a variety of health conditions on the sites.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

The network sites had a testimonials page. This page always carried positive reviews. To prove this, you can read the following reviews:

Canadian Health and Care Mall User Reviews
Canadian Health and Care Mall User Reviews

After having troubles with his medical bills, John shifted to ordering his meds from Canadian Health and Care Mall. He now has the ability to afford treatment without worrying about going bankrupt. The meds are great and the service he gets is also great.

Bryan says that pharmacies that operate online can be legal as any local pharmacy. He indicates he has the ability to save his money when shopping at Canadian Health and Care Mall network. He is happy since he even gets to take home freebies as a bonus. He indicates that the pharmacy network is trustworthy.

Landon says the pharmacy network comes through when the pharmacies located in the United States don’t care about their customers. She has the ability to save money when sourcing her meds from the pharmacy network. She doesn’t even need a prescription script.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

A lot of people who wish to shop for meds online are looking for somewhere they can source these meds without having to deal with getting a prescription script. This pharmacy network is a great place given that no prescriptions are required. The network offers an online consultation where the patient gets to speak with a physician who will help him or her get the best meds suitable for the health defect that he or she is trying to resolve. The fact that you will get your meds without a prescription does not mean you have to guess how to use them. What you need to do is get advice from a physician before using these meds.

There are drugs for treating various health complications at Canadian Health and Care Mall. People will not miss the majority of drugs they need. However, as we had indicated earlier on, the pharmacy network catalog seems to favor males who have sex issues. Delivery can be done using any one of the 5 delivery companies that the pharmacy network is affiliated with. These are Canada Post, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Airmail. The price for the drugs is reduced to the bare minimum. When we compared the prices that this online pharmacy network was offering with that in the local stores, we noticed that they had a price that was approximately 90% lower than local pharmacy.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupons

Some of the sites in the Canadian Health and Care Mall network had coupons. Some of them did not have. Those that did not have coupons replaced them with special offers, free pills, and free shipping. You can see a good example in the following shopping cart:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Discounts
Canadian Health and Care Mall Discounts

The buyer will receive free bonus pills. The options are Cialis or Viagra. The free regular Airmail shipping deal is granted to people who are paying over 150 dollars for their meds. The Free Express courier is free if you are buying more than $300 meds. Insurance is free for people buying meds worth more than $200.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

Some sites in this drugstore network did not have telephone numbers which their customers could use. However, they always had an email address and a contact form to use. The email address to use to contact the support department with is [email protected] You can use the contact form to send an email straight from the website.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

After trying to find the evidence that could indicate Canadian Health & Care Mall drugstore network is involved in spam activities and finding none, we had to conclude that this is a dependable pharmacy network. The team running this pharmacy network will never take advantage of the contact details you leave behind to bother you. If they have to contact you, it is because they have something very important related to your order that you have to know. Otherwise, they will refrain from calling you or emailing you.


The Canadian Health and Care Mall medication store network has nice consumer reviews. Customers are happy due to the cheap medications they have purchased and received from the network. For this reason, we rate the company 5 stars. You can get scammed by pharmacies which claim they operate under the Canadian Health and Care Mall network, therefore only focus on using domain addresses which have been proven by experts to be genuine. The pretending scam sites will have used the exact design that genuine Canadian Health & Care Mall sites use. Therefore, if you end up on one of the scam sites, you won’t realize it.

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