Finpecia 1 mg Review: Beneficial to Hair Loss Drug with Potential Harmful Effects

Finpecia 1 mg by Cipla
Finpecia 1 mg by Cipla

Review and Description

Male pattern baldness (hair loss) is a common concern for the majority of the male population, and there are a number of treatments arising for its cure, like Finpecia made by Cipla. Finpecia is a generic analog of Propecia, the most popular hair loss product in this particular market.

The active ingredient of Finpecia is Finasteride, which helps stop hair loss and encourages new hair growth. Finasteride in Finpecia inhibits DHT in the body which in turn encourages hair growth and inhibits hair loss. DHT (hormone) in the body is responsible for the hair loss in males. Aside from treating hair loss, Finasteride is also used in the treatment of urinary concerns caused by BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

Finpecia is manufactured by Cipla, a corporation which started in 1935 and continues to be one of the leading pharmaceutical companies globally, as it manufactured over 1,000 types of products numerous pharmaceutical categories. The company has acquired a number of accreditations from various drug-regulating institutions like the USFDA, WHO (Geneva), Department of Health (Canada), TGA and APVMA(Australia), PIC (Germany), SUKL (Slovak Republic), ANVISA (Brazil), INVIMA (Colombia), NDA (Uganda), MOH (Saudi Arabia), and a number of others more.

Customer Reviews

Finpecia Feedback
Finpecia Feedback

To assess the authenticity of the claims by any product, reviews are essential. There were a number of patient testimonials for Finpecia, and there were varied comments for the product, although a number of those reviews were affirmative of the product’s effect.

Finpecia users report drug induced ED which is commonly treated with or Cialis.

An anonymous user on gave 5/5 stars to Finpecia and described the product’s effect comparable to the brand name Propecia.

Parker, who posted two reviews for the product, was a medical practitioner who recommends the use of Finpecia for male pattern baldness in men. Also according to him, the product is effective in treating the hair loss in men, although he discourages its use for females and children, as it is made only for males.

Although there was much acclaim for Finpecia by other users, other patients like Hyeseok rated Finpecia only 2/5, as according to him, the product did not help him grow his hair as it was expected. The client commended the product’s price, though.

Pricing and Dosage

Finpecia Pricing
Finpecia Pricing

Formulation available in the market for Finpecia is 1 mg of Finasteride per tablet. The price for the product is quite affordable, as patients may be able to buy 30 tablets for only $6.61 each. There’s not much price difference on the price for the larger purchases,though, as the prices differ only by a factor of $0.02 per pill. Finpecia is approved for daily use, but only restricted to one pill per day.

How to Buy Finpecia 1 mg Online

The stocks for Finpecia are abundant online, as the patients may be able to find the drug in numerous drug stores online. The product is also sold in various local Indian pharmacies, but since Cipla is a global manufacturer, it supplies to a number of international pharmacies too.

Since the product deals with hormones, Finpecia is a strictly prescription drug. Patients are required to consult their physicians first before being able to purchase the drug, as it is not meant for self-treatment purpose. So even if most of the internet pharmacies don’t necessitate the need for the Rx, patients should always seek medical advice with regards to dosing and intake of the drug.

How to Use

Patients are instructed to take Finpecia with a full glass of water and only once daily. Finpecia may be taken with or without food. As per advice of the doctors, the 1 mg Finasteride may be increased or decreased according to a patient’s need. Males are the only ones required to take the medication, so Finpecia may not be indicated for pattern baldness in women.

Side Effects

The conventional side effects produced by Finpecia include dizziness and lightheadedness. There were no other noted side effects for Finpecia; however, Finasteride has some disconcerting effects on patients who took products with the said active ingredient. There were reports of decreased sexual drive, and in a number of cases, Finasteride causes Erectile Dysfunction and ejaculation problems. Others also noted decreased fertility/low sperm counts with the use of Finasteride products.

It is imperative that patients should see their doctors regarding the probable use of Finpecia as there are reports of these adverse effects which make it not worth using for the sake of hair growth.

Conclusion with Rating

Since male pattern baldness continues to be a concern to the general male population, products containing Finasteride were formulated to treat the physical concern. Finpecia is the generic counterpart of Propecia, which is the most popular option for the treatment of hair loss in men.

Customers gave Finpecia positive ratings and were mostly satisfied with the results. There was a comment regarding the products ineffectiveness, but it was just one against the other good results. But although Finpecia is well-reviewed, there are still concerns regarding Finpecia’s effect on male potency, as it is known to cause ED and ED-related symptoms. Like mentioned earlier, patients should consult with their doctors first as the side effects may not be worth the product’s hair growth effect.

Cipla, Finpecia’s manufacturer is one of the well-renowned and esteemed manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, not only in India and worldwide. The company is USFDA approved and also approved by a number of drug regulating agencies worldwide.

Although an effective cure for hair loss, patients should take caution in using Finpecia and should discuss with their GPs regarding the possible side effects of the drug. Though the drug may be effective in treating hair loss, it has the potential to cause other health issues as well. Since that’s the case, the product deserves 4 out of 5 stars potential for being an effective cure for male baldness and for being manufactured by a USFDA approved company, but it’s a point short of the perfect score for its possible unpleasant side effects.

Brand: Finpecia

Active Ingredient: Finasteride

Treatment: Male Pattern Baldness

Manufacturer: Cipla Ltd.

Country of Manufacturer: India

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