MySecuretabs Review: A Reputable Drugstore Network

MySecuretabs refers to an online drugstore network that consists of several websites that have similar features on their homepage, sells the same types of medications at equal prices. Customers find it really hard to tell the website they are dealing with as a result of their similarity which has made some of them put the credibility of the network in question.

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All the websites that are associated with the network have been verified by the bodies that control the operation of online pharmacies and you can find seals of approval on the websites. The multiple websites are just a strategy of getting more customers since each of them will generate its own traffic.

My Securetabs has put adequate measures in place to ensure that the private details that will be submitted by customers when making their purchases is well guarded against any access by third parties. When the charges are being deducted from the MasterCard or any other method that will be used in paying for the drugs, there will be no indication of the items for which the money has been deducted. This means that even when another person gets access to the statement of account, he will not be able to know the drugs you are purchasing.

The customer service team at the network is very friendly and is always ready to offer assistance whenever called upon to do so. One will be able to reach them by making a call or leaving a message using the contact forms that are available on the websites. Response to a written message will be sent directly to the website of the concerned customer within the shortest possible time.

Whenever a customer comes across a website that has a homepage similar to that of My Securetabs, he should tread carefully as there are rogue online pharmacies that may use a similar homepage in an effort to get people to buy from them.

MySecuretabs Reviews

Sofia is a resident of France and her experience with the network was pleasant that she had t write her first review about an online network. She says that among all the online pharmacies that she has ever had an opportunity to buy drugs from, My Securetabs network was the best. The prices of the medications she wanted were affordable and she could finally manage to afford her high blood pressure medications. For her, this will be her exclusive online network whenever she wants to buy medications. Charles is also a happy customer as he is now able to save more on her medications compared to what he used to pay in a local pharmacy. He is also grateful that the pharmacy also sends a free gift with each order placed.

Jessica is happy that the prices of the medications received from the network were affordable. For David, his greatest pleasure is in how effective the drugs that he purchased from My Securetabs were. He says that even his wife sent her appreciation due to the relief that his husband got from taking the pills.

My Securetabs Customer Reviews

MySecuretabs Online

A customer who wishes to buy drugs from My Securetabs network will be able to do so through the various websites that are linked to the network. This is because they stock similar products that are sold at uniform prices. The discounts that are offered at the network is also the same in all the websites.

My Securetabs Network Homepage

Customers should not be afraid of dealing with the network due to the various websites that have a homepage that looks the same and displays similar products. This is a way of marketing the network so that they will be able to serve more customers. Even when they find it difficult to differentiate the websites, they should shop in confidence since all the websites have been verified and conduct legitimate businesses.

The drugs at My Securetabs network are sold at affordable prices to ensure that every customer who is searching for cheap and effective medications online will be able to buy them. These drugs have been approved by FDA and have been proven that they contain the same chemical ingredient as the drugs that are sold in local pharmacies.

Customers who buy drugs from the network are not required to have a doctor’s prescription. As a result, a customer can choose to buy either the generic or the brand medications according to the financial status as well as personal preference. This is because they will work in the same way in treating the complications for which they are made.

MySecuretabs Coupons Codes

My Securetabs offers several discounts to their customers to ensure that they pay a lower price for their prescription drugs. By looking at the price of the brand Viagra in the table below, you will notice that if a customer buys four pills, he will pay an average of $9.14 per pill. A higher quantity of the same brand Viagra pills will attract a higher discount. For instance, 96 Viagra pills will cost an average of $3.43 per pill and with this amount; the customer will have saved $547.81.

If the value of the drugs is beyond $200, the shipping of the drugs will not be charged and the customer will be able to save $10 off the total cost of the drugs.

Securetabs Discounted Prices of Brand Viagra

MySecuretabs Phone Numbers

Below are the phone numbers that a customer can use to talk to a customer service representative at My Securetabs network:

  • +1-718-487-9792 (for clients in the USA)
  • +4420-3239-7092 (for clients in the UK)

MySecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

There is no complaint from any of the customers of any harassment through spam messages or unwanted calls from My Securetabs network. Any contact made is with a valid reason which could either be an update or a response to a query from the customer.


Mysecuretabs is a legitimate online pharmacy network that has been in operation for a long time. Every customer who has submitted reviews regarding has talked positively regarding the services offered and even the way the customers are treated at the network and due to this, we will give the network a 5* rating.

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