Online Pills Review: Get Effective Brand and Generic Medications at Affordable Prices

Online Pills is a drugstore network of affiliated pharmacy sites that consists of multiple websites that have a common homepage, sell the same brands of medications and price them equally. The network of e-pharmacy sites is offering pharmaceutical products for sale since 2001 and has maintained a high-performance record compared to other online pharmacies.

How Online Pills Looks Like
How Online Pills Looks Like

It would be hard for customers to tell the difference between the websites and this ends up making some of them to dismiss the network as a scam which is very far from the truth. The existence of these websites is a marketing strategy to reach as many customers as possible so that no one who is surfing the internet looking for cheap and effective medications will fail to get the right medications.

Before a manufacturer can supply medications to any of the websites that are connected to Online Pills, he must prove that the drug has been approved by FDA and other health bodies if the manufacturer works beyond the boundaries of the United States. If he cannot do this, the network will not stock that brand of medication. This measure was put in place to ensure that customers who buy medications from this network only get the best.

Online Pills network respects the privacy of the customers who purchase drugs from them and this is why the security measures have been put in place to ensure that no private information leaks out to third parties. When charging the value for the purchased drugs on the credit card, the names of the medications will not reflect to ensure that no one who accesses it will know what drugs you are taking. During the delivery of the drugs, Online RX packages the drugs inform of a gift so that the customers’ orders will not be bothered by the customs agents.

Online Pills Reviews

There are so many reviews regarding the quality of services that are offered to customers at Online Pills network and most of them are positive. Samuel who resides in Irish France says that the process of shipping medications from the network is carried out with speed and the customer is updated in regards to the shipping progress. For the many years that he has purchased drugs from the network, he says that the site is very honest. Piter also agrees with Samuel and says that he is impressed with the shipping of his drugs and the helpful customer service as well. He also says that he will be placing another order on the network soon.

Barbara from Sweden says that the network was able to deliver her order sooner than they had promised and she is 100% satisfied. For Jacob, he was not in a position order his medications from the network and as a result, he asked for help from one of the staffs at the network. They did not just place the order but they also ensured that it was shipped within the shortest possible time.

Online Pills Reputation
Online Pills Reputation

Online Pills Online

Online Pills is focused on serving as many customers as possible and this is the main reason why they operate through several websites. Each of the websites will get its own customers and once these customers place their orders, they will be passed on to the main website where the processing and the shipping will be done. This is to ensure that the right medications are dispensed and ensure consistency in the quality of services that are offered to all their customers.

Online Pills Site Sample
Online Pills Site Sample

The network stocks both brand and generic medications so that customers will be able to make their choices out of the huge variety. Most customers will go for the generic drugs as they are cheaper and will work as good as the expensive brand medications. Generic drugs are made after the manufacturer of the brand drugs loses the patent right. All the costs of research and advertisement will have been borne by the manufacturer of the brand and the generic manufacturers will only be copying what the brand manufacturer did. This is the main reason why the prices of generic medications are lower.

Online Pills ensures that the drugs are packed safely before the shipping so that customers will receive them in good order. In case a customer receives the wrong drugs which are rare or the drugs are damaged while in transit, the network will offer compensations and will reship the drugs without further charges to the customer. If a customer receives his medications and for a genuine reason he is not happy with the drugs, he should notify the network and the necessary measures will be taken.

Online Pills Coupon Codes

Taking a look at the shopping cart, there are various discounts that a customer buying drugs from the network will enjoy. One of these benefits is the free shipping that will be offered to customers who purchase drugs that are valued above $200.

If a customer will purchase drugs above $300, the drugs will be shipped through express mail free of charge and the customer will be able to get the drugs in less than ten days.

There is also a 10% discount on all orders as well as a bonus of free pills with every order placement via the network.

Shopping Cart with Discounts
Shopping Cart with Discounts

Online Pills Phone Numbers

Whenever a need arises, below are the phone numbers that will be used by customers to reach the network:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • _4420-3239-7092

Online Pills Spam and Phone Numbers

On searching the web, there is no record where a customer has filed a complaint about receiving spam messages or unwanted calls from Online Pills network.


Online Pills drugstore network only stocks drugs that have been approved by the bodies that regulate the quality of medications being sold in the market. This has earned them a good reputation and any customer who buys from them keeps coming back to buy more drugs when the need arises. The network also has a reliable customer service team that is always available to attend to customers’ concerns and offer assistance in the ordering process and for this, a 5* rating is well deserved.

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