Pharmacy Mall Review – Best Network to Use for Online Drug Purchase

Pharmacy Mall is a web drugstore network dedicated to giving the best prices to patients seeking generic replacements to high-cost brand name drugs. Pharmacy Mall may not be as pretty as the usual online drugstores we see today, but this pharmacy network is reliable and delivers 100%.

Pharmacy Mall Shop
Pharmacy Mall Shop

For those still confused about pharmacy networks, a pharmacy network is a network of online pharmacies operating under one company. Because they are working under one enterprise, we can expect the same website appearances from these stores; however, even if the stores look the same, each website belonging to a pharmacy network has its own unique web address.

Online pharmacy networks like Pharmacy Mall have been around since forever, but their existence is somewhat unknown to consumers. Customers may have encountered similar looking websites and may have been freaked out by their similar domains, but networks like Pharmacy Mall are perfectly normal and are legitimate. The Pharmacy Mall network, for instance, is accredited by organizations like Pharmacy Checker, CIPA, and MIPA, which denotes the network’s dedication to excellence and delivery of genuine, safe to use products.

Despite the legitimacy of online drugstores involved in networks like Pharmacy Mall, customers are still cautioned about the existence of scammers who are trying to replicate otherwise benign and helpful sites. Customers are made aware that even if the stores included in web drugstore networks are perfectly safe to use, they should still be vigilant against potential “fake” shops that may attempt to steal their identity or financial information.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

The web has plenty of buyer reviews available for Pharmacy Mall network members and most of them are commending the network for several aspects of its service. Here are some common themes covered by reviewers in their testimonials for Pharmacy Mall stores:

  • Reliable delivery. Most of the buyer comments for Pharmacy Mall sites involved gratitude for safely arriving orders. The customers often commented about being able to receive their orders from Pharmacy Mall sites—most of the comments were brief and to the point, but it is evident that customers were thankful for Pharmacy Mall’s reliable delivery service.
  • Effective products. Consumers were also amazed at the quality of the products delivered them by Pharmacy Mall. Buyers, especially the men, unashamedly wrote about the benefits of the generic impotence medicines they have received from the Pharmacy Mall shops.
  • Helpful customer support team. Another good point covered by buyer reviews for Pharmacy Mall shops is the excellent customer support team service. According to the buyers, Pharmacy Mall staff was helpful and was able to assist them with their concerns.
  • Cut-rate prices and deals. Clients of Pharmacy Mall shops were also impressed at the network’s bargain prices especially for the otherwise steeply-priced medications. Buyers were also amazed at Pharmacy Mall’s freebies and special offers that enabled them to find more value for their cash spent at the network shops.

Apart from all the aforementioned themes, customers also declared their intent to order again from Pharmacy Mall stores due to the excellent overall service.

Pharmacy Mall Rating
Pharmacy Mall Rating

Consumers also gave a decent rating for Pharmacy Mall shops on third-party review platforms. According to the rating above, out of 100 points, Pharmacy Mall stores deserved 92.06 or nearly 5 stars. This is the average of 63 votes for the Pharmacy Mall network—impressive, overall.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Pharmacy Mall shops feature the same simple façade—although the network has had several upgrades during the past, Pharmacy Mall still retained a subtle appearance so that it wouldn’t seem too imposing on its buyers. Despite the simple website, Pharmacy Mall shops offer a complete range of medicines for various medical conditions, including rare and hard-to-find medicines that are otherwise unavailable at local drugstores.

The Pharmacy Mall network does not have a fixed source of medicines although most of its products are from manufacturers in India. All of the medicines sold by Pharmacy Mall online are approved at least by the local FDA hence reinforcing their safety and effectiveness for consumption.

Consumers won’t need to go through the trouble of sending their prescriptions by mail, email, or fax when ordering from any Pharmacy Mall shop since the network stores allow no Rx purchases of herbal meds, over the counter treatments, and Rx medicines. Naturally, buyers should be responsible enough in getting assessments from their doctors when it comes to these medicines to ensure their safety while using the medicines.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Buyers are entitled to several deals whenever shopping at Pharmacy Mall websites. Pharmacy Mall stores are capable of offering special discount coupons like this one:

Pharmacy Mall Discount Code
Pharmacy Mall Discount Code

According to this code, buyers can avail of an extra 10% off their order using this exclusive code IL-9158. Besides this generous promotion, buyers are also entitled to free shipping, free pills, and other limited period discounts.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Every Pharmacy Mall shop has a messaging function available for buyers to use. Apart from this email integration, though buyers can use Pharmacy Mall phone numbers to reach the website. Here are the numbers:

  • 17184879792
  • 442032397092

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

We tried to search the web for possible complaints aired against the pharmacy network, but we were unable to locate negative comments for any Pharmacy Mall network. The worst buyers wrote was about their delayed packages—which eventually came—and nothing else.


Pharmacy Mall stores may be simple to look at, but they are trustworthy and are able to give buyers more value for their money. Overall, Pharmacy Mall stores are recommendable due to their low prices for the medicines, reliable delivery, and allegedly good customer support. Our rating for Pharmacy Mall is 5 out of 5; however, we still recommend buyers to beware of possible clone sites lurking around. Buyers should only use Pharmacy Mall stores included on our list of TOP Vendors to make sure that the stores they are planning to purchase from are legit.

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