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Securetabs is a pharmacy network that was established back in the year 2001 by a company known as the Canadian Pharmacy Limited. If you are new to shopping for your meds online, you may find it hard to understand what we mean by the term “pharmacy network”. Simply put, a pharmacy network is a collection of pharmacy websites functioning as arms or branches of a major company. The sites are responsible for bringing in more buyers to the company running them. What you can depict from this definition is that pharmacy network sites usually resemble each other. Therefore, all the websites being operated under the Securetabs drugstore network will have the exact look indicated below:

As you can see, these sites don’t feature a template that anyone can call complicated. They have a design that makes it easier for anyone to do their shopping without having to waste their time. The simple look should not be taken to mean that the network pharmacy sites are only good for buying simple drugs. The sites carry the majority of drugs that people need. The catalog on the left-hand side has hundreds of different brand and generic meds. If you are serious about saving money while shopping for meds online, the pharmacy sites in the Securetabs network should be one of your stops.

Securetabs Reviews

We decided to determine the experience that Securetabs previous shoppers had. To do this, we had to look for reviews. We did not have the slightest idea about what to expect. However, when we found the reviews and read through them, we realized that the previous customers were happy. There were no complaints anywhere on the web. To prove this to you we have captured some of the testimonials here:

No one would like to deal with an online business if the customer service they offer is crappy. According to what Jacob from France is indicating, the Securetabs network has the best customer service. They managed to help him place his order when the website could not process it. The delivery was very speedy even though Jacob had paid for the regular shipping.

The Pharmacy network always kept Alex updated. They sent his meds pretty fast and they offered him a great selection. For all these reasons, Alex likes the company running the Securetabs pharmacy network. Mark has placed his order twice while in France. The orders never took longer than 10 days to arrive. He was offered high-quality products and he did not have to deal with any customs issues.

Securetabs Online

The majority of web drug stores support a single language. They only support English. This means that if you are not an English language speaker, you cannot order any medications. This is not the case with Securetabs. The sites support 5 different languages. These are English, Deutsch, French, Italian, and Spanish. These 5 languages being the most common languages, it makes it easier for a wide range of people to shop from the drugstore network. Doing currency conversions wastes time too. For this reason, the Securetabs sites have 16 currencies. By simply selecting one from the drop-down selection function, you will change everything including the medication prices to that currency.

Speaking of medication prices, Securetabs pharmacy sites seem to offer the best prices. To prove this here are some of the prices at which they sell their meds:

  • A pill of Dapoxetine will require you to pay only 0.95 dollars for a pill.
  • If you are buying Zithromax, you will have to pay 0.40 dollars for a pill.
  • Nolvadex will not cost you more than 0.52 dollars a pill.
  • Cialis professional is only $1.20.
  • Viagra super active is worth $1.25 a pill.

If you look up the prices for the above drugs in the local stores and compare them with the ones we have just given here, you will notice that the meds being sold by Securetabs sites are over 90% cheaper. The shipping is not expensive. The Airmail shipping will cost the buyer a mere $9.95 while the EMS shipping will cost only $19.95.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

The most popular coupon code being advertised on all the sites in the Securetabs network is IT-4752. This coupon code will reduce Your medication costs by 10%. If you happen to add your meds to the cart, you will find even more offers. A good example is the following shopping cart for the brand Viagra:

Securetabs Shopping Cart Offers and Discount
Securetabs Shopping Cart Offers and Discount

Immediately your order hits 200 dollars, you won’t be paying for the Airmail shipping. If you shop for drugs worth more than 300 dollars, you will not need to pay for EMS shipping. Another important saving is the automatic 10% discount that buyers get as soon as their orders are worth more than 200 dollars.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

You will not find a live chat function on any of the Securetabs websites. But, you will have the ability to call using either +4420 3239 7092 or +1 718 487 9792. If your issue does not require immediate attention, you can send an email using the contact page. The support department will respond to your email within a period that does not exceed 24 hours.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

Instead of relying on spamming their previous customers to make them buy again, the Securetabs pharmacy network instead focuses on offering high-quality services and medications. The store does not have any complaints on the web indicating that they are spammers.


We have carefully investigated the Securetabs drugstore network and we have not found any reason that could make us not rate the network 5 stars. If it is the delivery, they are always timely. When it comes to handling customer issues, they have a very nice customer support department. What we would like to warn you about is a large number of scammers using the drugstore network website design to scam people. Always stick with proven domain address when loading pharmacy sites.

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