Spanish Gold Fly 5 ml Review: Unapproved Female Sex Product with Poor Results

Spanish Gold Fly by Health Food Autorization
Spanish Gold Fly by Health Food Autorization

Review and Description

Spanish Gold Fly is manufactured with the sole purpose to make women and to a lesser extent men more excited and increase his/her Libido. It has more effects on women than men. Spanish Gold Fly sex drops act as an aphrodisiac for women having low libido or no sex drive who want arousal, sexual enhancement and need a libido booster to increase their sex drive and have a great sex with intensity. Cantharidin found in Spanish Gold Fly, when enters into the blood, affects the receptors of the urogenital system which leads to increased blood flow to the genitals. They swell and vulva becomes incredibly sensitive, thus increasing the libido of a woman.

The product is made solely of strong estrus induction factor “HIS” extract (cantharidin, 5 mg) extracted from top-class Spanish fly found in Europe and Asia, along with some other estrus animals and plants in many countries. This process is done in the most highly developed world biosynthesis technology after many years of research in Spanish Human Biological Engineering Research Institute and American Sex Research Institute. It is called a magic potion as it is without any color or smell. Spanish Gold Fly can be quickly absorbed in any kind of drink without any noticeable change.

Spanish Gold Fly is manufactured by Health Food Autorization (2007) 025. Upon researching this company, no information was found to establish its reliability.

Customer Reviews

The product’s manufacturer had sound claims while introducing Spanish Gold Fly, yet the customers were unhappy with the product.

Spanish Gold Fly Rewiews
Spanish Gold Fly Rewiews
Spanish Gold Fly Testimonial
Spanish Gold Fly Testimonial

Every customer buying Spanish Gold Fly was never satisfied with the product. Nearly all of them demanded a refund and thought as their money was wasted. Patricia a buyer of the product was very unhappy and gave 1 out of 5 stars to the product. She and her husband tried Spanish Gold Fly many times but every time” same negative results.”

Similarly, Seldina also gave 1 out of 5 star to the product and said: ” I wish I never buy”.

Kutwana, another unhappy customer of the product, gave 1 out of 5 stars to the product and was “very disappointed” with the product.

All these negative comments show that the product is nothing but a scam.

Pricing and Dosage

Spanish Gold Fly Cost
Spanish Gold Fly Cost
Spanish Gold Fly Price
Spanish Gold Fly Price

Spanish Gold Fly is available in the form of boxes. One box contains 12 of its 5ml sticks. The price for each box is set at a rate of $49.99. In addition to this, the user also has to pay an additional $5.49 as the shipping charges. It is available in the form of sex drops and is advised to be taken alongside drinks with low alcohol content. It should only be taken by a person with an active sexual life while those not engaging in sexual activity must refrain from its use.

How to Buy Spanish Gold Fly 5 ml Online

Spanish Gold Fly can be bought internationally through the internet. There are numerous online vendor that deliver the product to your doorstep. There is a website named as that is dedicated to selling the product. Although the website seems like an official site, but it must be noted that the actual makers of this product have managed to stay in the dark making no official website for their products.

How to Use

Users are advised to take only take one piece 5ml each time. It can be taken with wine, alcohol or plain water but it is advised generally that one must take medication with drinks containing low alcohol. There are no restrictions on whether the person taking is with the empty or full stomach. The product is without color or taste, and it is quickly absorbed in any wine or drinks. It is strongly advised not to take the medication unless one is involving in a sexual act. Children and young girls are strictly contra-indicated.

Side Effects

Some major common side effects include individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the drug component. Pregnant women and those during breastfeeding are strongly forbidden to take the drug as it can serious complications in the mother as well as in the neonate. If a woman is suffering from cardiovascular diseases, has problems with intraocular pressure, or hypertension, Golden Spanish fly is not recommended for use. It must be noticed here that the drug is not a cure and can cause serious harms in the person taking it.

Conclusion with Rating

Spanish Gold Fly is a drug that comes with high expectations, yet no visible results. It is manufactured by Health Food Autorization which is a company based in UK and Germany. It is available in the form of drug drops that are meant to be taken with a drink. It is claimed to be effective in both sexes. The drug has been designed to cause an increase in libido and improvement in sexual performance of persons suffering from sexual dysfunction of any kind. Despite all the big claims, the general user reviews for this drug are pretty bad. The customers are highly unsatisfied with its performance irrespective of the gender. It should also be kept in mind that this drug is not a permanent cure to sexual dysfunction as well. It can induce hypersensitivity among some users. It is also contraindicated in pregnancy and during breastfeeding. To conclude, Spanish Gold Fly does not seem like a promising supplement so it gets 1 out of 5 for its poor performance.

Brand: Spanish Gold Fly

Active Ingredient: Cantharidin (Canitis)

Manufacturer: Health Food Autorization (2007) 025

Country of Manufacture: UK, Germany

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