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Trust Pharmacy began its service in 2001. This brand began as one site but through the years became many—the store eventually created its own clones having the same Trust Pharmacy name but different web addresses. To help boost customer traffic, Trust Pharmacy, now called a “network” pharmacy, created mirror sites having the same content but with various domain names so buyers can access the websites at the same time without causing the main server to lag overload.

Unbeknownst to buyers, network pharmacies like the Trust Pharmacy brand have multiple websites focused on gathering information and customers from all around the world. Buyers may be surprised knowing that multiple stores with differing web addresses exist, but this will not affect a store’s reliability in any way—unless the same website is replicated by scammers.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Since the Trust Pharmacy network involves multiple websites having similar content and different domain names, we thought that buyers would get confused or shooed away by these stores’ uncanny similarities. Of course, we were wrong—there seems to be no evidence pointing out to Trust Pharmacy dissatisfaction of consumers. Instead, buyers had a great experience with each Trust Pharmacy store, hence the satisfactory reviews for each Trust Pharmacy website.

Some comments for one of the stores included the following statements:

Trust Pharmacy Testimonials from Select Buyers
Trust Pharmacy Testimonials from Select Buyers

Buyers seemed to be in awe of the Trust Pharmacy shops and most of them reflected their glee through their written reports for the stores. One buyer mentioned about having a “great experience” with the drugstore—although he did not elaborate much on his comment, it seemed that he was satisfied with the overall performance of the Trust Pharmacy he used.

Another consumer mentioned that she was given “excellent” service by the Trust Pharmacy shop she used. According to her, her questions were entertained well; she also noticed that the Trust Pharmacy store gave her “great value for money”. She did not compare the shop to other websites, but it seemed as if the shop Trust Pharmacy she bought meds from was one of the best stores to use.

Apart from good service and low-cost medications, one user commented on the shop’s “speedy delivery”. Besides this, he liked that the Trust Pharmacy store he used informed him of the progress of his order—which was unlike online the common web pharmacies that have no care for the buyers’ receipt of the orders after shipping the product.

Positive reviews for Trust Pharmacy indicate that the network shops affiliated with it are reliable and are trustworthy.

Trust Pharmacy Online

Trust Pharmacy shops look the same so reviewing one will suffice for the review of all the shops related to the online drugstore network. All of the Trust Pharmacy shops we’ve looked into have the same appearance and content—the product line-up, prices, policies, and even the contact numbers are all the same.

According to the information presented on Trust Pharmacy stores, all of the Trust Pharmacy websites were incepted in 2001 and have their licenses from Canadian Pharmacy Ltd and have an international license number of 11611411. All of the Trust Pharmacy websites are affiliated with CIPA, MIPA, and Pharmacy Checker, which reinforces their credibility as reliable web drugstores.

Trust Pharmacy Website
Trust Pharmacy Website

Trust Pharmacy stores are not as pretty as the present-day websites with graphics, flash-enabled animation, and so on. Although not gloomy, the Trust Pharmacy shops are without the high-contrast colors and appeared neutral and a bit “quiet”. Buyers who are rather visual may find the Trust Pharmacy shops disappointing for lack of color; however, consumers who come to Trust Pharmacy shops may find them already sufficient because of their robust product assortment. Most online drugstores feature specialty products and typically have a limited number of products available, but not Trust Pharmacy stores—they are complete with medicines for medical conditions from A to Z and can be relied upon to supply FDA approved and effective medications available even without Rx.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Coupon codes for Trust Pharmacy are seasonal and last time we checked, there were no coupon codes accessible for Trust Pharmacy shop. However, buyers should anticipate 5-10% discount codes from Trust Pharmacy stores during special occasions or holidays.

Trust Pharmacy Discount
Trust Pharmacy Discount

Apart from the seasonal coupons, consumers can also enjoy product discounts, especially for bulk purchases. As you can see in the image above, consumers can enjoy increasing discounts for large-scale orders of medicines from the stores.

According to information on Trust Pharmacy shops, buyers are also entitled to the following deals:

  • Free shipping on orders exceeding $200
  • Freebie pills for every order, regardless of order size
  • Discounts for orders more than $200

These discounts can help buyers maximize their savings on any Trust Pharmacy shop.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

Trust Pharmacy phone numbers, unlike at other web drugstores, are advertised on the shop. Other online drugstores simply do not have the interest in making public their contact information for some reason.

Phone numbers of Trust Pharmacy are 1 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers
Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

If the shop is unreachable via these numbers, consumers can use the store’s messaging integration.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

There are no buyer complaints about Trust Pharmacy which indicates something good for the online drugstore network.

It appears that Trust Pharmacy stores were not associated with any complaint regarding spamming, scamming, or any faulty service—much to the relief of interested buyers of the pharmacy network.


Online pharmacy networks like Trust Pharmacy are now multiplying on the web—online drugstores like Trust Pharmacy have the same products and prices but have different domain names. Consumers may be confused by these Trust Pharmacy shops but they should not be alarmed that Trust Pharmacy sites have the same content and have different domain names since they forward the orders to one processing unit. Since the Trust Pharmacy stores have good prices for their products and only have positive reviews, it is safe to say that Trust Pharmacy stores are excellent to use for any drug need. Our verdict for the network: 5 out of 5.

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