Zenegra 100 mg Review: Budget-friendly, yet Effective Treatment for ED

Zenegra by Alkem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Zenegra by Alkem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Review and Description

Alkem Pharmaceuticals Ltd. also manufactured its own Sildenafil alternative for Viagra, Zenegra. Like its counterparts, Zenegra contains the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate which is the to products like Viagra and other famous generic-brand medication. Zenegra is an option for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, as it helps the patients to regain their sexual vigor.

Sildenafil Citrate’s main action is to promote blood flow to the penile tissue and promote erection, which is difficult to attain by patients diagnosed with ED. Zenegra, since it contains the same active ingredient (Sildenafil), works by acting as a PDE-5 inhibitor which function, in general, is to help ED patients have erections and sustain them for a few hours.

The manufacturing company, Alkem Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Alkem Laboratories) operates from India but supplies its medications to pharmacies worldwide. It was a company which started in 1973 and until now produces high-quality branded generics and other pharmaceutical products. According to the Alkem’s company profile, 6 of its 16 manufacturing facilities are approved by the USFDA, which is a rare occurrence for facilities located outside of the USA.

Customer Reviews

Zenegra Testimonial
Zenegra Viagra Testimonials

Users gave Zenegra good reviews from Pharmaexpressrx.com as they were mostly satisfied by the drug’s effect. Michael Davis, who was diagnosed with ED tried many remedies and “allopathic” medications but according to him, none helped. The only treatment which worked for him was Zenegra.

Richard Jones’ problem was also ED and like Michael, he exhausted a number of options before trying Zenegra. He took his friend’s advice to take Zenegra and he was surprised that it worked.

AE Sherbrooke was not a first-time Zenegra user. He told in his testimonial that he was using the product for 8 months already and Zenegra actually works; although there was one time when had a bad headache. But he realized that it was due to his fault as he took alcohol with the product.

Patients seemed to appreciate Zenegra’s effect and so far, none of these reviews complained of having any side effects aside from the one mentioned by AE, which was brought about by his alcohol consumption.

Pricing and Dosage

Zenegra Prices
Zenegra Prices

Zenegra can be purchased in most online shops for about $11.76, and that’s the price for 8 pills. If buyers want more value for their money, it is advisable to purchase more than the minimum quantity allowed, as the prices tend to get lower when the products bought increase. The dose regimen for Zenegra isn’t much complicated, as it should only be taken as needed, but the daily dose should not increase 1 pill per day.

How to Buy Zenegra 100 mgOnline

A number of online pharmacies sell Zenegra so it’s not really hard to find. Local Indian pharmacies have them too, so Indian locals may avail of the drugs almost instantly. International clients may also access these meds via internet drugstores, but since the company has international ties with a number of countries, there is a strong probability that Zenegra is also available for clients in select countries.

Oral Sildenafil products are generally not OTC due to the sensitivity of its active ingredient which could react to a number of existing treatments. Zenegra is a prescription-only drug, so patients have to get assessed by their GP before taking the product.

How to Use

Patients may take only 1 pill per day but on a need-only basis. Zenegra is not a supplement, so it is not required to be consumed daily. There are other ED meds which may be taken on a daily basis, but Zenegra is not one of them. Zenegra is also meant for ED only, so using it for treating other concerns is not advisable. Also, it is generally for patients 18-65, so younger or older patients meaning to take the medication should seek the advice of their doctor.

Side Effects

Common side effects of Sildenafil noted in its users consist of headaches, face flushing, stomach pain, heartburn, and nasal congestion. The more rare interactions noted were anaphylactic reactions and visual impairment (temporary). But in case there are some symptoms not noted in the general category for the side effects, patients should consult their doctors about them.

There are special instructions for taking Zenegra which may only be elaborated by the GPs, as there are a number of patient health conditions which are contraindicating the use of Zenegra.

Conclusion with Rating

As a product with an active ingredient of sildenafil, Zenegra by Alkem Laboratories is used predominantly for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Good client reviews are a testament to its effectiveness, as patients are pleased with its effects.

There was a client comment that related how he had a headache using the drug, but he admittedly told in his review that it was his fault that he had a bad headache as he took the product with alcohol. Aside from that effect, though, there were no other reports of unusual symptoms from the users.

Albeit the manufacturer, Alkem Laboratories is a renowned and well-accredited manufacturer of pharmaceutical products with about 6 USFDA-accredited facilities, the USFDA approval for Zenegra is still not known, though it is implied that the product has received its Indian FDA approval. Because of that, there is still some reservation to its rating, as it may just be given 4 out of 5 points maximum. Had it been USFDA approved too, Zenegra would have been rated a perfect score. But still, Zenegra remains to be a recommendable product for ED, as it is a budget-friendly yet effective option for those who are ready to take other ED meds options aside from Viagra and other famed-yet-expensive ED products.

Brand: Zenegra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Alkem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Country of Manufacturer: India

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